Chic Traveller: Peter Simons

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Peter Simons is a past master in the art of packing. Jetting back and forth between Québec and Alberta recently sealed a deal with the West Edmonton Mall, one of the biggest shopping destinations in Western Canada.

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Simons makes no secret of the fact that his heart also had a say in choosing Edmonton as the first city to host the brand outside of Québec. “Our partners share our values,” he says. “We see Edmonton as a multicultural, go-getting city, and we firmly believe our concept will be a perfect fit there.” And what exactly is the concept? “To keep on doing what we do best: providing the widest range of clothing and fashion accessories in Canada, from the latest styles to the biggest names.” Something fashionistas from east to west are sure to love.



Employees: 2,500

Years of existence: 170

Stores: 9 (8 in Québec, 1 in Alberta)


Published in CHIC par Germain magazine, issue 4

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