The Magical Mystery Tour: British Elegance on wheels

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here, thought Simon Davis (host of England’s Country House Rescue), would Truman Capote party if he were alive today? Where, for that matter, would the Great Gatsby? En route to New York and L.A., Davis wrote to me: “The age of elegance will not be allowed to wither!” And he’s put his money where his mouth is. A little over a year ago, Davis purchased a 1966 Routemaster bus (one of those red double-decker deals so beloved by English postcard companies) and decided to make it over into, as he told Vanity Fair recently, “the most elegant dining room and cocktail bar in the world. On wheels.” The Rosebery, as it’s been christened, spent last year touring England and Europe, hosting double-decker parties, exclusive product launches and elite social events. A dinner off the mall in London, say; 200 invitees for drinks and canapés by Fortnum & Mason. In 2013 the bus hops the pond and tours our own continent, espousing elegance, manners, and, in Davis’s words, “the general delectability of British panache,” along the way. In the works: a television show to be filmed during the tour so viewers can smile at contrasts between American “colonials” and the upper crust efforts of the English. See the website for a full tour schedule.

The point (apart from having a smashing time)? To show us North Americans that, “the age of British elegance and eccentricity is still very much alive. The Rosebery will be at the vanguard.”

By Michael Harris
Published in CHIC par Germain magazine, issue 5


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